The Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20, based on the same, ergonomically advanced design so popular in the UFP-10, features significant size reduction. The result is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter that meets next-generation standards.
The UFP-20's single-handed portability means difficult and challenging jobs located in narrow or high places can now be performed safely and easily.
The flowmeter includes a thickness measurement function and can effectively measure the sound velocity of fluids. Measurement data can be printed, logged or transferred to a computer which can assist data collection and analysis.
Light Weight - 1.4 kg
Wide Display and Easy Operation
Pipe Range : 13 - 5000 mm
Transducer can use : -20 - +120C degree
Weather-proof structure : IP65

  • Multi-Flow Measurement Function
    Easy configurable for 2-Channel or 2-Path measurement 
    2-channel:Multi-flow measurement 2-path:Higher Stability
    2-channel:Multi-flow measurement 2-path:Higher Stability

  • Energy Meter Function
    Energy flow rate measurements with Pt100 RTD option.
    Energy Meter Function 

    Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
    Visual confirmation that receiving echo is “good”. 
    Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
      Weather-proof structure IP65
    IP65 rating maintained even during measurement. 
    Weather-proof structure IP65

  • USB Memory Data Transfer
    Logged data and site conditions can be storaged into internal memory. 
    USB Memory Data Transfer 
  • Language selection
    You can choose
    English, French, German, Italian,Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.


Example of flowmeter or massmeter basic system


Example of heatmeter basic system